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As we give God our faithful worship, we seek to continue our spiritual and educational development, to minister to families, children and adults, and to serve local and world needs with the home as our mission base.


Born in the early 1800s, the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) is the first Protestant movement founded on American soil. Its symbol of the chalice emphasizes the central place of communion in worship, as well as the Scottish Presbyterian roots of the denomination (the cross of St. Andrew). Disciples confess their faith in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord and seek unity among all believers.

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Early history

Opposing divisions within the church universal and barriers around the Lord's Supper, Presbyterian ministers Thomas and Alexander Campbell, and Barton Stone set out to restore unity to the church by preaching and teaching New Testament practices. In 1832, after about a quarter of a century of separate development, the Campbell and Stone movements merged after discovering that they were proclaiming a similar message and vision for the church.

Characteristic Beliefs and Practices

* The foundation of our life together is our confession of faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.
* Disciples hold no official doctrine. Believers are free to determine individual belief guided by the Bible, the Holy Spirit, prayer and participation in the life of the church.
* The Lord's Supper is celebrated weekly and is open to all believers.
* Baptism is normally by immersion, but those baptized as infants are welcomed into membership and not rebaptized.
* Disciples emphasize the ministry of the laity and the "priesthood of all believers."
* Congregations are self-governed and in covenantal relationships with one another and with the regional and general church.
* Disciples have a special commitment to Christian Unity, the cooperation of various denominations, unity movements, and joining in mission.
* Disciples are committed to ministries of reconciliation, justice, and compassion in the world.

Facts of Interest

* Nearly 4,000 congregations and 900,000 members in the United States and Canada.
* Approximately 3,500 clergy serving congregations, 21% women.
* About 13% of membership is people of color.
* Strongest concentration of Disciples is in the Midwest and Southwest.
* Texas Christian University (TCU) is the largest Disciples' university.
* General offices are in Indianapolis, Indiana.

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History of our First 100 years 1909 - 2009

    Following is an excerpt from "Centennial Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) Bloomington, Illinois 100th Anniversary" edited by Jack Keefe 2010.

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